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 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 6 months ago.

Al-Kawthar satellite channel is an Iranian media channel broadcasting in Arabic from the Iranian capital, Tehran. Its activities began in the year 1980 in the name of the "Sahar" channel, where it was broadcasting one hour per day, and in 2005 the name of the channel was changed to the "Al-Kawthar" satellite channel.

In the year 2010, the channel made a qualitative leap and became one of the most important and most prevalent and influential Islamic channels and started broadcasting 24/24 hours providing a variety of programs in various religious, social, political and economic fields and many other programs that target various.

The age groups that interest the Muslim viewer and touch his concerns and needs. In addition, the channel offers four daily detailed newsletters containing comments from specialists and political analysts. Its correspondents are also spread in many Arab and Islamic cities such as Gaza, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, and Sanaa.

Thanks to God, the Al-Kawthar channel has managed to secure for itself a leading position competing among its counterparts, and it has been followed by a wide audience of Arab and Muslim viewers and all liberals from all over the world.

Al-Kawthar channel has a general trend revolving around the astronomy, spreading the truth and criticizing the phenomena that hinder the life of society and the nation, and treating them with Islamic culture, general educational values, and a global message.

Policy and objectives:

Al-Kawthar Satellite Channel is a media channel committed to professionalism and balance, and has set for itself a clear messaging policy through which it will:

  • Focus in her media discourse on spreading the truth and highlighting it, to help positive, cultural, intellectual and behavioral change.
  • Arousing human values ​​in harmony with the Noble Qur’an and the noble Prophet’s Sunnah.
  • Devoting her speech in urging unity and cohesion among Muslims and emphasizing common bonds such as religion, history, and unity of destiny.
  • Confronting attempts to divide and divide Muslims, and expose the Zionist, sectarian, and takfir, Zionist and American takfiri projects.
  • Supporting the oppressed and the oppressed, supporting the resistance, fighting global arrogance, and reviving the nation in the face of injustice and the Zionist project.
  • Supporting the main and just causes of the Islamic Ummah, on top of which is the Palestinian cause, as it is the first issue for Muslims.
  • The failure of the persistent and malicious efforts aimed at intimidating Iran (Iran Phobia) to undermine the image of this country and its reputation for its ability.
  • Attention to publicizing the values ​​of the Islamic revolution and its bright civilizational image and achievements.
  • Attention to strengthening the family entity, honoring women, raising children, and caring for promoting the Islamic style of a good life.
  • Adopting boldness and rationality in the offering, and adopting an objective policy characterized by accuracy, professionalism, honesty and fairness, and respecting public taste and collective awareness.
  • Show the facts that the media of the arrogant forces falsified and reveal their conspiracy with credibility and professionalism.

The Al-Kawthar satellite channel exposed its anti-global arrogance and its interest in the Palestinian cause and the nation’s revival in the face of arrogance and the Zionist project to multiple existential threats that ended - sometimes - with the suspension of their broadcasts and their deletion from some satellites, such as the decision issued by France to stop broadcasting it (when it was carrying the name Sahar) as well as the Egyptian decision in the era of President Hosni Mubarak to delete it from "Nilesat". But all this did not limit her resolve, did not stop her career, did not kneel her down and continued to give her inexhaustible giving because she is the inexhaustible shine.

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