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Public on October 23, 2015, and last updated 12 months ago.
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More than a quarter of a century

The beginning

One room was, and a big TV station became. It's Tele Lumiere in a quarter of a century. In the 1990s, she looked at the visual media world, as a result of the people’s urgent and urgent demands that the church has a TV.

So the Holy Spirit ignited the jealousy of some secularists over their church and homeland and the man torn apart by the war, so they dispersed from them the dust of war and initiated the founding, and they are: Brother Nour and his late departing companions, President Charles Helou, Minister George Ephrem, the Bishop of the Shepherd and the late Habib Pasha, General Father George Harb, Jack All George Moawad, Rali Nassar, Antoine Saad, and Christian Dabanne.

They presented Tele Lumiere to the Lebanese - who emerged from the dark tunnel of war - as an ecumenical, commercial, or partisan station that aims to spread Christian values: Justice, love, freedom and human rights, which led the church to adopt its project under the supervision of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon and to run a council that includes impulsive religious and secular officials, headed by Bishop Roland Abu Joudeh, and which includes honorary President Patriarch Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Raei, First Vice President Eng.

Second Vice President, Bishop Antoine Nabil Al-Andari, Director-General Jacques Al-Klassi, Secretary Antoine Saad, Financial Director Rola Nassar Khoury, and members: George Moawad, Architect, Antoine Deeb, Sheikh Sarkis Sarkis, Karim Abdullah, and Abboud Boghous.

It regulates the relationship between the ecclesiastical authority and television, "a cooperation protocol." Antoine Saad, Financial Director Rola Nassar Khoury, and members: George Moawad, Architect, Antoine Deeb, Sheikh Sarkis Sarkis, Karim Abdullah, and Abboud Boghous.

It regulates the relationship between the ecclesiastical authority and television, "a cooperation protocol." Antoine Saad, Financial Director Rola Nassar Khoury, and members: George Moawad, Architect, Antoine Deeb, Sheikh Sarkis Sarkis, Karim Abdullah, and Abboud Boghous. It regulates the relationship between the ecclesiastical authority and television, "a cooperation protocol." 

This launch was reinforced over the years by senior figures whose names shone in Lebanon and the region on several levels. The production department was entrusted in the first launch to the famous screenwriter Antoine Ghandour, while LBCI chief cameraman George Farah was the first cameraman to put himself on TV. As for the first genius to appear on Tele Lumiere, and nobody else was the great poet Said Akl. In it, giants in music and art launched their hymns and religious songs, such as The giant Giant Wadi Al-Safi, Maestro Mike Harrow, and the Captain of Musicians Rafik Hobeika. Among them, a generation of media professionals was exposed to Lebanon, who drew from its sources the origins of media work and proceeded from it to other media institutions.

This television also drew the attention of the Vatican, and they were closely linked and mutual respect throughout the Covenants, reinforced by the message of Pope Benedict to her in the general interview on 1 January 2009, which was read to thousands of people from the world, in a preparatory visit to the Synod of the Middle East, "a certificate and a company", and he encouraged her to generously pursue her message in The service of proclaiming the gospel, peace, and reconciliation in Lebanon and in the whole region. And the city's media project also received its apostolic blessing. On November 1, 2010, she participated in the Synod, unlike the media in the world. He recommended that parents support her in the thirty-third paragraph of the recommendations, and her general manager, Jacques Klassy, ​​made her speech a day summarizing the TV's holy message.


Télé Lumière and its space attracted the attention of all churches as well. She never sought exclusivity by working for a particular ecclesial community, or restricting its programs to one sect, not even during twenty-five years, it was at the same distance from everyone and with everyone. She addressed viewers around the world with the spirit of the teacher and worked to upset his students with their diversity. So, ecumenism is one of its main pillars.

It opened its doors to all the churches, put its hand in the hands of its patriarchs and chiefs, and united with them their efforts to spread the word in the spirit of one community, believing in the importance of its mission in these difficult times. 

This openness was also expressed in many stations, as it accompanied the news of the rabbis of all the churches and their travels, covering its celebrations and transmitting its liturgy from their various monasteries and their subjects in Lebanon and spreading, on all occasions and holidays. 

Over the past years, Tele Lumiere collected Christians in the ecumenical liturgy, especially on the feast of the founding coinciding with the feast of Pentecost, the latter could not pass without being celebrated in an ecumenical Mass sponsored by the papal ambassador in Lebanon, headed by one of the patriarchs of the East, with the assistance of bishops and priests from Various denominations, with the presence and participation of lovers of clergy and laity who join the family, blessed by the continuity of the spirit act in Tele Lumiere. 

Télé Lumière also revived masses and encounters at the time of adversity, and all the churches gathered to raise the prayers for the intention of the oppressed, the kidnapped, the martyrs and the afflicted, and for the sake of the resurrection of the homelands and the end of wars and the establishment of peace, believing that in the prayer salvation and resurrection.

In a quarter of a century, Tele Lumiere crossed all boundaries and removed every obstacle through a group of stations that added to her six satellite spaces: Ecumenical Family Noursat (2003), Youth Youth Cultural Cultural Light (2010), The Apostolic Epidemic East (2013), Maryam Women of Peace (2014), and Kids Educational edutainment (2015) and Noor Al-Quads, a piety-strength. And she launched on her website: the educational, written word, artistic music, and creative moral spirit devoted to the Holy Spirit. In addition to its own news website, Noor News. It launched its first youth radio, Nour Radio, in August 2000.

Tele Lumiere has expanded through new offices and studios activated by its delegates and correspondents in Lebanon, specifically in Akkar, Zahle, Jdeideh Marjeyoun, Saida Jezzine, Chouf, and abroad: in America, it established the Council of Tele Lumiere International, as well as in Canada, South America, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. And in Europe, in Sweden, Rome, and the Netherlands. And she is working on a strategy to establish an office in Australia. As for the Arab, shine star Tele Lumiere, next to the Jordan River, Syria, Kuwait, and Dubai. 

This continues its production of programs diversified according to modern technologies from its studios with a remarkable move in 2011, where it launched from Lebanon, in a gathering of embassies around the world, the first international TV platform for cultural diversity, unity, and dialogue promising as messengers in all languages.

As for electronically, the station had its place in the cosmic village, which is not defined by the map of the world with a spot or point, and its visitors do not need a passport and entry transactions. They only need to know and know this world and make good use of it. In its first attempts, Télé Lumière, in the year two thousand and three, had a primitive website issued in the Arabic language, and it was slowly rebuilt, starting from the year two thousand and eight, and it turned into a modern electronic portal that matches the international quality and technical sites. This new identifies the identity of Télé Lumière and its group in form and content with its multiple keys and additional pages, in both Arabic and English, allowing also its followers around the world to watch its programs via the live electronic broadcast, to reach in the year two thousand and twelve to the summit of achievements and launch the page via the Ipad and iPhone.

She also addressed her audience through printed publications, including: "The Word", "Al-Dustour" newspaper and its weekly publication "Risala Al-Nour".

Humanly, and since its inception, her interest in the human being, whatever his religion, race, gender, or identity, has been established as a foundation for a group of charitable social centers that bear witness to the truth and work.

Through prayer, she renews the connection with the Lord, so she sees her intensifying daily prayer stations within the family, supporting her with spiritual exercises that expanded her framework to include politicians, judges, and media workers from different denominations and affiliations with the aim of creating a space for meditation and deepening the Gospel in an environment free from controversies and disputes.

Thus, and since the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety, Tele Lumiere has preserved her identity, and proudly established in the sea of ​​good news, casting the net despite the strong storms and strong waves, so that fishing remains abundant forever and ever.

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