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This is a live online TV channel broadcast from Italy. You can watch online this channel on all platforms.

Take “Wine TV” to your daily news store for all breaking of the world news, music, sports, and much other interesting content 24/7 live that will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

Due to differences in connectivity, there may be times where the live feed or live score does not update quickly; please refresh the page if you experience any issues.

This webcast is delayed slightly from the televised broadcast, up to approximately 60 seconds, depending upon your internet connection speed and computer configuration. Please keep this in mind when calling in with requests.

We will always try to updating this tv channel so that you can watch comfortably. We re-publish content from the third-party television stations, sometimes susceptible to interference from television broadcast sources that we take to be embedded in this page.

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 Posted on October 29, 2019, and last modified on 9 months ago.

WINE TV SKY 815 is the first single-theme television channel completely dedicated to the world of wine. Follow us among vineyards, wineries, and tastings, we will take you where others do not arrive, to discover the legends of wine and niche producers.

WINE TV is not limited to being an exclusive television project but is a global cross-media project, based on the synergy between the satellite channel, website, and social networks.

On our website, news, interviews and in-depth information on the most important events in the wine world are published every day, making information and videos available directly on the web platform.

Through the WINE TV page on social networks, viewers can interact with the TV channel.

"Entertainment, dissemination, information, interactivity: we offer a 360-degree service to wine lovers and our advertisers."

WINE TV SKY 815 è il primo canale televisivo monotematico completamente dedicato al mondo del vino. Seguiteci tra vigne, cantine e degustazioni, vi porteremo dove gli altri non arrivano, alla scoperta delle leggende del vino e dei produttori di nicchia.

WINE TV non si limita ad essere un progetto esclusivamente televisivo, ma è un progetto crossmediale globale, basato sulla sinergia tra canale satellitare, sito internet e social network.

Sul nostro sito web vengono pubblicate ogni giorno notizie, interviste e approfondimenti sui più importanti eventi del mondo vitivinicolo, rendendo fruibili informazioni e video direttamente sulla piattaforma web.

Tramite la pagina WINE TV sui social network, gli spettatori possono interagire con il canale televisivo.

"Intrattenimento, divulgazione, informazione, interattività: agli appassionati di vino e ai nostri inserzionisti offriamo un servizio a 360 gradi.".

Wine TV

Every single bottle of wine contains a mix of different stories. Uncorking it, it tells of the mind that conceived it, of the earth that cradled it, of the hands that shaped it, of the precious time that, flowing, made it unique. Thus there are millions of narratives of passion and commitment: they deserve attention and respect. And some are true masterpieces.

WINE TV was born to give voice to the world of wine, a world with consolidated traditions, dynamic, attentive to changes and the creator, itself, of new trends and lifestyles.

A world made of people, dreams, bets and authentic ties. A world that we at WINE TV live every day and that, thanks to the different skills that make up our team, we know how to tell better than anyone else.

WINE TV is a project by Cristiano Cini - sommelier since 1995 - and Atlantide ADV - a communication and marketing agency specializing in video productions for over 20 years, which in 2011 gave birth to Italian Fishing TV, a themed television channel dedicated to sport fishing.

Our team also includes oenologists, restaurateurs, agronomists, journalists, graphic designers, directors and video makers.

We at WINE TV do not build videos but weave emotions to communicate the right message.

In an increasingly small and connected world where everything is photographed, filmed, disjointed, the strength of a company lies in the strategic use of an image, a sentence, a sequence.

But once you have produced the ideal video, how can you make the most of it?

The WINE TV system

Designed and created the video that best represents the company, it becomes essential to know how to spread it using the most effective means.

WINE TV is a cross-media project based on the synergy between different media: satellite channel, website, news, and social networks. Each of our productions is broadcast on the Sky 815 channel, the first entirely dedicated to the world of wine. On our website, news, interviews, and insights on the most important events in the sector are published every day, as well as interviews and WINE TV videos. Our YouTube channel is always updated with the latest productions and, through the WINE TV pages on social networks, people can interact directly with the TV channel and its protagonists.

It is also important to note that any commissioned WINE TV video remains the property of the purchaser who can use it for any promotional and marketing activity. The films can be screened at trade fair events, in the company headquarters during guided tours, uploaded on the website, on the YouTube channel and on the fan pages, burned on DVD or USB stick and distributed as gadgets.

Sky channel 815

Television is still the most relevant media: in a context dominated by the network and by smartphones, we tend to forget that the most widespread and powerful means of promoting our brand and purchasing our products is still, and will remain for a long time, the television.

While maintaining a position of absolute advantage over other media, television is perhaps the one that in recent years has undergone the greatest evolution: the introduction of pay-TV and on-demand content have forever changed the way in which published content is used. We are witnessing a shift of power from the networks that ran the schedule, to the average user looking for the information and entertainment they prefer (thematic channels).

The content thus becomes the most relevant discriminant to obtain an interested and interactive audience.

WINE TV is the ideal tool to give the widest media coverage to your business. If your goal is to do business in the wine world, you can't help but turn to us: the videos broadcast on our schedule, Sky 815 channel, are treated in every detail, the quality of the images and the credibility of our testimonials make our media a point of reference for a large catchment area.

In recent years the wine sector has seen an exponential growth of professionals and enthusiasts, revealing to be able to generate important business volumes.

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How to see us on TV?

To see WINE TV, no subscriptions or additional costs are necessary: ​​all you need is a dish and an HD decoder.

With any subscription to SKY, WINE TV is visible on channel 815.

With Decoder Free you can watch WINE TV on the HOT BIRD satellite by searching by channel, or by manual search, entering the following data:

Frequency 12.245 S / R 29.900

Polarity: Horizontal

FEC 5/6

In Italy, as many as 5 million families have a SKY contract.

There are instead 118 million families with HOT BIRD satellites in Europe

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